2017 Free-Choice CSA



Free-Choice CSA

Green Gardens' CSA is one of the most flexible CSA's in West Michigan 

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If you are busy and like to pick the vegetables you want, then the free-choice CSA might be the perfect fit for you!

How does the Free-Choice CSA Work (for Kalamazoo, Marshall or BC members)?

As a member, you purchase credit before the CSA season starts. Then, you come to the farm's stand at the Bank Street Market and Bank Street Winter Market and use up your credit over the course of the season (~33 weeks).

This CSA model is designed to offer you freedom to choose what you'd like (vegetables, herbs, and flowers) as well as giving you the flexibility to not have to come every week. Recipes, cooking and storage tips, and photos of meals we've prepared are included via email every week.

You can also use your free-choice credit at the Farm Market on H DR N in Battle Creek on SUN and WED afternoons.

  • You invest in the farm and you save! 3-10% of extra credit is added to your CSA price.
  • Your balance is tracked automatically through a gift card. You can add credit in $100 increments if you run out and get $110 of credit. Maximum purchase of $100/market day. Your balance will not carry over for 2018 (unless you are an INVESTOR member).
  • Due to limited past usage on WED, we will no longer be doing the online market for retail customers on Wednesdays. Pre-ordering will still be available on SUN.

cherry tomatoes

Green Gardens Kzoo Stand

  • There's a lot to choose from on the Green Gardens stand! We have over 35 different vegetable crops, 5 herbs, and flowers over the course of the season. Want to see what's in season? Click here.
  • Farm pick-up customers can also purchase a u-cut flower share.

At the Farm Stand in Battle Creek we also have a variety of other local products you can use your credit on:

  • Fruit from Local Producers
  • Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Pork
  • Maple Syrup
  • Quiche from The Bakewell Company
  • Tomato Plants and other Vegetable Starts in Spring

Length of Season?

Approx. 46 Weeks: February through early to mid December in 2017

You Invest, You SAVE:

  • Mini ($300) = $310 spending credit
  • Medium ($400) = $420 spending credit
  • Large ($500) = $530 spending credit
  • Bounty ($600) = $650 spending credit
  • Investor ($1,000) = $1,100 spending credit. Two years to spend credit.

Pick-Up Days and Times (3 Days/Week)

  • Saturday in Kalamazoo

Bank Street Farmers Market at the farm's stand (7:30-1:00 PM) from first SAT in May to last SAT before Thanksgiving

Winter Bank Street Market across the street from the summer Bank Street Market (8-12:30 PM) from Feb to May then late Nov to late December.

OR, you can use BOTH!

  • Sunday and Wednesday in Battle Creek at Farm

Come to the Farm Market at the farm at 14201 H Drive N and pick-up produce, herbs, meat, flowers and more on SUN and WED in 2017. Holidays may be excluded. Pre-order online for best selection or just show up and see what is in-stock!

SUN - 12-4 PM - May - Thanksgiving

WED - 3-6:30 PM - June through September

  • Any other additional market the farm does in the area. These have yet to be determined.

Many Ways to Pay and Flexible Payments

  • Pay by check, online check (Dwolla) or Credit Card online
  • Credit Card Payments Are Flexible. Small amounts can be automatically deducted from credit card each month.

When to Sign-Up?

Is the Produce Organic?

  • We use organic practices but are not Certified.


Contact the farmer directly:

Trent - trent@greengardensfarm.com


What CSA members think of the customizable shares...

"Without the credit system, we would not have joined. It's so nice to be able to choose what items we want, when we want them. There's much less waste that way"

"Being able to pick exactly what we wanted."

"Flexible choices, ability to 'skip' a week"

"I enjoy being able to choose the items I want in the quantity I want. It was also convenient for the weeks I was not able to get to the Farmers' Market to know I still had the credit available for when I was there."

"We are gone so much in the summer that this makes way more sense for us!"

"We enjoyed the market style offering this year because there was no pressure to make every single market (we traveled a lot this summer)... if we missed a week or two, we didn't have to forfeit our share."

"works well for me as a single - boxes would often be too much food -also like the choice to buy what I want"

"More freedom of choice and the ability to skip a week."

"Having you keep track of it- and not having to bring cash each week."

"I love that I can pick out the exact veggies that I want and use. This made so much sense for me."

"Flexibility to get what I want or need. Caters more to my preferences."

"Choosing my veg and herbs and quantity of each. Allowed me a much more diverse and personal menu plan for each week"