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Finally! First Frost! And The Season Continues

Posted 11/3/2013 3:39pm by Trent Thompson.

Good Morning, Friends!

The hard, killing frost showed up this past week, knocking out the remaining tomatoes, eggplant, and flowers. The good news about frost? Our greens (spinach, kale, collards) and roots (carrots especially) will start tasting sweeter with each frosty night. That's because they contain a natural anti-freeze that gets released during freezing temperatures to protect the crops, resulting in sweeter crops. Your science lesson for the day!

Hoop progress continues at our new farm. Jeff from Nifty Hoops came over Tuesday with a truck-load of materials and his hoop know-how. In the first-ever Nifty Hoops starter house, we pulled plastic over the top (big thanks to Trent's folks for coming out that chilly evening to help), installed one of the roll-up sides, secured the framework of the hoop, and set the posts inside for the hoop-inside-of-a-hoop (extra warmth for crops we'll start in February). We hope today to install the other roll-up side as well as the two end walls. Here's to luck and little/no wind!

Sign-up for the 2014 CSA is underway. Battle Creek and Marshall members can choose between traditional boxes for up to 24 weeks or farm credit for 33 weeks. Kalamazoo members will once again have the credit system. Click here for more information about both share types.

Wow, this market season flew right by! Only 4 more Saturdays of braving these chilly fall mornings at the Kalamazoo Bank Street Market. After that, we'll be moving indoors to the Bingo Hall directly across the street. Our current plan is to attend market every Saturday from 8AM-1PM starting November 30 through December 21, then switch to every other week starting in January 2014. Exact dates for 2014 to come later as we finalize our plans.

The Online Farmacy is open for business! Baby and cooking greens, candy carrots, leeks, green onions, fresh herbs, salad turnips, and sunchokes for your eating pleasure. Order until 7:30AM Monday, then come out to our White Rabbit Rd farm that afternoon between 3-6:30PM to pick-up your order. Don't forget to check your inbox to make sure you received a confirmation email from us.

Check out this picture of Mother Nature's glorious sunrise Friday morning.

May you be in good health, Friends!
Ruthie & Trent

Photo: Deconstructed Taco Salad. Plate-full of salad greens tossed with olive oil and fresh-squeeze lime juice. Topped with garlicky cumin-and-chili-powder ground beef, black beans, and salsa. Guacamole or avocado slices would make this even better. The best part? It's easy, fast, AND simple to customize.