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Happy Thanksgiving from Green Gardens!

Posted 11/24/2013 2:50pm by Trent Thompson.

Greetings Friends,

After two chilly harvest days and one cold, snowy morning at market, we're happy to spend some much-needed time in our warm home. We hope you all are staying healthy and cozy during these winter-like days.

Many appreciative thanks to everyone who braved the weather yesterday morning at the final outdoor Kalamazoo Bank Street Market for the season to load up on produce for their Thanksgiving feasts! Man, was that mini snowstorm crazy or what? See below for picture of our impromptu "greenhouse" we constructed over our stand to prevent the produce from freezing in the 20-degree temps. We're ever-grateful to Chris, Michelle, and the rest of the crew from the People's Food Co-op for an outstanding first season running the market! With so many positive changes this season, we look forward to coming years to see what else you have in store! Speaking of PFC, we are grateful for their support of Green Gardens. You can find much of our produce (spinach, kale, collards, chard, candy carrots, herbs) in their produce section, so swing by and grab some Green Gardens veggies if you couldn't make it to market yesterday.

This Saturday marks the first time that you can find us at the Bank Street Winter Market (right across from the outdoor market inside the Bingo Hall) from 8AM-1PM for the next four Saturdays (Nov 30 - Dec 21). Exact schedule for January-April to be determined in December.

CSA sign-up for 2014 is open. Click here for more details or to sign-up. Exciting new changes are in store for 2014 - we hope you join us!

Green Gardens made the news in the Enquirer recently! Two of our long-time customers and CSA members nominated us for the Best Bites award, and we are honored.

Nothing says project time like late fall. We have Dustin Fox and crew of Fox Bros Mechanical Services working to install a furnace in part of our pole barn for more comfortable washing and packing in the winter as well as one in the starter greenhouse to keep the little seedlings warm; and running electric and frost-free water lines to all 7 greenhouses. With all the trenches everywhere, it looks as though a giant ground mole's been busy!

The Online Farmacy is open just in time for your Thanksgiving preparations! Ready-to-eat salad mix, curly and dino kale, rainbow chard, collards, candy carrots, sunchokes, and fresh herbs including a poultry mix (sage, thyme, and rosemary) await you. Order until 8AM Monday, then come out to our White Rabbit Rd farm between 3-6:30 that afternoon to pick-up your order.

May you have a wonderful holiday, enjoying delicious food with those you love!

In good health,
Ruthie & Trent

Green Gardens on Facebook - the fun never stops, even when the snow flies!

Photo: Since veggies are 85-95% water, they'll freeze in no time, so we created this impromptu greenhouse, complete with an electric heater, to keep them cozy at the Bank Street Market yesterday.