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Solar heat for winter spinach

Posted 11/4/2013 5:53am by Trent Thompson.

Greetings, Friends!

Another productive Sunday here at Green Gardens. We had a number of our fellow farmer friends (Heather from Elder Fire Farm Arts, Kelly from Long Valley Farm, and Gina from Under the Stone Garden) plus some other farm helpers over this morning to pull the top sheet of plastic over our valley hoop (the one we moved from White Rabbit; it's currently filled with tiny spinach). What a perfect morning! A slight breeze here and there, but otherwise it was calm - and the plastic is on! See photo below. The roll-up sides are now attached, with the end walls to round things out. This has been a large, lingering project, that feels great to have almost complete.

Last Monday, Dylan and Trent planted around 4200 garlic cloves and 840 shallot bulbs between two of our hoop houses. Click here to see photo. Last June, we watched our 1/4 acre garlic patch wilt and rot in the field due to the disease Asters Yellow, brought over by a non-native pest that survived because of our unseasonably warm spring. Though we did get maybe 50 or so bulbs, we erred on the side of caution and purchased all new, certified disease-free stock this fall. We're hoping for better seasons ahead with this seed investment since garlic is one of the few seeds that we save from year to year. By doing so, we're able to increase the amount we grow each season without having to re-purchase.

Friday, we had our 120' irrigation well dug (click here to see photo). The well will operate at 30 gallons per minute and 30 psi. We will be able to irrigate forty-four, 200' lines in one shot! No more worrying about droughts majorly affecting our crops in coming years.

CSA sign-up is still going open. Up to 24 weeks of 8-12 seasonal crops with the traditional boxes, or farm credit to use for orders via the Online Farmacy and by stopping at Real Food Barn at our new farm SUN and WED afternoons, as well as at the Outdoor and Indoor Bank Street Markets for up to 33 weeks. The previous link has more information. If, after reading through the website, you still have questions, please don't hesitate to email us: trent@greengardensfarm.com or ruthie@greengardensfarm.com

Starting this week, the Online Farmacy will be open every other weekend, so check back the evening of Saturday, November 9. We're trying to take a bit of a breather as our extra busy year slowly winds down. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

Bank Street Outdoor Market continue to Nov. 23, indoor starts Nov. 30 across street at Bingo Hall!

May you be in good health, Friends,
Trent & Ruthie

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Photo: perfectly beautiful fall morning for plastic pulling. Thanks again to all our helpers - we would have blown away with you!