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Summer/Fall CSA, Week #5

Posted 9/15/2015 12:28pm by Trent Thompson.

Greetings %%user-firstname%%,

Tuesday is box pick-up day! Please remember bring back your wiped out, folded box when you pick up this week's box. We reuse them to keep costs down.

In your box this week...

-Cooking Onions: cured so they will store. Keep in a dark, cool, dry spot.
-Lunchbox Peppers
-Ancho Peppers:
a mild chili pepper. Try them stuffed, like with Quinoa or with Rice and Beef. Or Chiles Rellenos
-Cherry and Slicing Tomatoes
-Bok Choy: Asian cooking green. Perfect in stir fries. Can use the whole thing. Cut of bottom, then chop the stem and leaves. I always toss the stem in a couple minutes before the leaves as it needs to cook longer. 
-Carola Potatoes:
tan skin with yellow flesh. Creamy texture, exquisite flavor. Steam, boil, bake or fry.
-Sweet Corn from Scobey's Produce. Conventional.
-Acorn Squash:
I'll post some ideas for stuffing them tonight.

On the Veggie Blog: green salsa (using tomatillos if you still have them hanging out in your fridge). Member shared picture: stir fry with peppers, green beans, leeks, and onions. Rockin' Moroccan Chicken. Baby Bok Choy with Cashews. Jorah helping me make Creamy Kale.

*Do note: these weekly lists might vary slightly from actual box contents. We finish the harvest the day your boxes are delivered and occasionally, crops aren't ready or in the quantity needed for all the boxes.

In good health,

Ruthie, Trent, Jorah and the GG crew