DIY Crates

Yes! You can cater your own event!

U-Make-It Farm Crates for DIY Event Catering

Yes! You can cater your own event! Dreaming of showcasing the goodness of local food at your celebration? Want to offer guests something handmade and bursting with seasonal flavor? Love the idea of saving a bundle and supporting local sustainable agriculture?

It’s easier than you might think!

Included in each of our U-Make-It Event Crates:

Our Farm Fresh Produce at bulk order prices

Simple Recipes with ingredient lists and steps

Preparation Timeline Advice from our skilled home cooks

 Our "Event Crates" are currently under development. Launching in Summer of 2017 - Check back for details!

Click here (pdf file) for an example of our farm-to-table menu!



* Have a TEAM of folks who really love to cook to help you prep food. You'll also need help to serve your meal the day of the event (and clean up) - These may be 3 different teams or an all-star team of folks who really love you. (See below for tips.)

* Keep it simple. Limit menu items to a few really tasty options. Avoid foods that require a lot of hands-on prep the day-of.

* Choose mostly foods served cool or at room temperature. (Jewel of wisdom courtesy of The Splendid Table)

* Choose foods that can be held for several days in a fridge - or better yet - that freeze well

* Experiment & Practice - Try dishes, see how they hold up to a few days in the fridge, experiment with reheating methods or holding items hot if needed.

* Be Safe - Know the "Danger Zone" and use safe food handling procedures. You really don't want to sicken your guests! (Yikes!)

* Calendars! Lists! Recipes! Organization!!! The time you invest in organizing and communicating with your team is key to your success.

* Delegate. Remember, your "Serving Team" will need to be able to pull this off without your help if you're the bride/groom/graduate/or other guest of honor. This is true of anyone you want featured in your photos of the event OR anyone who is key to entertaining guests or has another role. 

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