2017 Surprise Harvest Basket

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Harvest Basket

Baskets contain many crops that will store well for months 

Storage instructions and recipes included in basket

CSA Members: You can use your credit on a basket!

Eat Healthy, Local, and Naturally Grown Produce this Thanksgiving

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What you will likely see in your Harvest Basket:

  • Salad Mix, Spinach, 3lbs Potatoes, 4 lbs Carrots, 3 lbs Parsnips, 3lbs Onions, 3 lbs Beets, Garlic, Kale, Giant Kohlrabi, Radishes, Cabbage, Kalettes (cross between Brussels sprouts and kale), Rosemary. 

*These are estimates only. Although it is extremely likely we will have every item in the quantity listed, 1-2 crops may not pan out or be available in lesser quantities. If we do lose a crop(s), we will substitute additional quantities of popular items like carrots, onions or potatoes.

Most items in these baskets will be good for several weeks or months post-delivery. There is no rush to eat them all at Thanksgiving unless needed.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Please direct any questions to

Trent at trent@greengardensfarm.com


Producer: Green Gardens Community Farm
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SAT NOV. 18 Kalamazoo Bank Street Farmers Market (7-1 PM) ($59.00)
SUN NOV. 19 The Farm in Battle Creek (12-4 PM) ($59.00)
MON NOV. 20 The Farm in Battle Creek (1-6 PM) ($59.00)